Victor & Jennifer Mizrahi with Dutch windmills

Jennifer & Victor Mizrahi, highlighting a classic form of sustainable energy

The world is steadily marching down the path of climate disruption. No one person can stop it, but we can all try to help. To this end, Mizrahi Enterprises, LLC has a recently revised focus of investing in and advising technology startup companies which will have a beneficial influence on climate change, be it through mitigation or prevention.

Victor Mizrahi, PhD, principal of Mizrahi Enterprises, is a successful serial technology entrepreneur and investor. Prior to investing Mizrahi had worked in research, development, manufacturing, executive management and investor relations. Dr. Mizrahi is named on 58 patents covering a range of optical technologies.

Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, is currently a climate activist, and has a successful track record as a founder and principal of several consulting and charitable organizations, with extensive experience in political advocacy, charitable work, networking and media relations.

Victor and Jennifer Mizrahi live in Annapolis, Maryland, near Washington, D.C. They have two wonderful children. Victor and Jennifer are founders and directors of the Mizrahi Family Charitable Fund.

Some recent climate-focused investments:

Flash Forest logo

Flash Forest has successfully adapted commercial drones for the rapid reforestation of large areas impacted by forest fires (often the result of climate change). Flash Forest first maps the planting area from the air by drone, and after optimziation using AI and geographic information systems, the drone rapidly fires proprietary pods into the ground which incorporate the seed, fertilizer and mycorzhiza, resulting in a high uptake rate for the new seedlings to eventually grow and sequester large amounts of CO2.

Quidnet Energy logo
Quidnet Energy is an energy storage company that uses the rock beneath our feet as a sustainable natural resource. Quidnet's patented GPS technology utilizes excess renewable energy to store water beneath ground under pressure. When renewable energy is not available, this pressurized water drives hydroelectric turbines, producing electricity to support the grid at a fraction of the cost of lithium-ion batteries and for much longer durations. Quidnet's technology is an adaptation of centuries-old gravity-powered “pumped storage,” but without the massive land requirements and reliance on elevated terrain.

Investments prior to having this climate-impact focus were made in diverse areas such as cleantech, optical technologies for high-data-rate communications, biomedical technology, the sharing economy, and in food services with cloud-based analysis.